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CPC issues regulation promoting openness

The Communist Party of China Central Committee made public on Monday a regulation to promote transparency in Party affairs. Transparency in Party affairs is "a great measure" to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, firmly uphold full and strict governance over the Party and improve the Party's ability to govern and lead, the Central Committee said in a statement.

Under the regulation, which will be implemented on a trial basis, Party organizations are required to disclose their affairs concerning Party leadership and Party building, either among CPC members or outside the Party.

Party organizations' implementation of the Party's basic theory, line and policy, their leadership in economic and social development, and efforts to strictly govern the Party and strengthen Party building will be generally made public, along with information about the organizations' function and structure, the statement said.

How[MG_SEO]ever, promoting transparency in Party affairs should not be allowed to threaten political, economic, military, cultural, or social security, or the safety of the people, the regulation warned.







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